Second Meeting of Signatories to the Dugong MOU

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19 Feb 2013 to 20 Feb 2013
CMS InstrumentDugong

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CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.3 Adoption of the Rules of Procedure
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.5.1 (Rev 2) Provisional agenda and list of documents
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.5.2 (Rev 2) Provisional annotated agenda and schedule
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.9 Report of the Secretariat: Operations
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.9 Annex I Secretariat financial statement
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.10 (Rev 1) Report of the Secretariat: MOU implementation
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.10 Annex I Benefits, entitlements and obligations of signing the Dugong MOU
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.10 Annex II List of Designated Focal Points of the Dugong MOU
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.10 Annex III Dugong MOU Focal Point Designation Form
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.10 Annex IV Terms of Reference for Focal Points of the Dugong MOU
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.11 Progressing dugong conservation: Dugong, Seagrass and Coastal Communities Initiative
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.11.4 Options for technical support and advisory services
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.11.4 Annex I Team of Technical Advisors
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.11.4 Annex II Draft Terms of Reference for the Dugong Technical Group
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.12 Alliances, synergies and complementary activities
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.12 Annex I CMS COP10 outcomes relevant to the Dugong MOU
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.12 Annex II Process for developing the future Strategic Plan for Migratory Species
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.13 (Rev 1) National implementation activities by Signatories
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.13 Annex I National Report Template
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc. 13 Annex II National Reports from Signatories - Australia
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc. 13 Annex III National Report from Signatories - France (Mayotte)
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc. 13 Annex IV National Report from Signatories - France (New Caledonia)
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc. 13 Annex V National Reports from Signatories - United Republic of Tanzania
CMS/Dugong/SS2/Doc.14 Future directions for the Dugong MOU
National Report from Signatories - Thailand
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CMS/Dugong/SS2/Inf.3 (Rev 1) List of Participants