CMS Dugong MOU Standardised Dugong Catch and Bycatch Questionnaire Final Report


The report provides background information on the development of the Questionnaire, how it was implemented as well as a regional analysis of the results of the Questionnaire. It provides information on dugong numbers, trends in captures and evidence of fisher-dugong interactions for a large part of the dugong’s range that was previously unavailable, and provides a stepping-stone to more focused research in the areas where dugongs were found to exist and where fishery pressures were high.


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Author(s)Nicolas J Pilcher
James Williams
Gwen Hopkins
Daniel Hess & Loreena Jaouen
Published DateJanuary 2017
Publication LanguageEnglish
PublisherDugong MOU Secretariat
TypeTechnical Reports
CMS InstrumentDugong