Capacity building is a long-term, continuing process encompassing a country’s human, scientific, technological, organisational and institutional capabilities. It has been clear for many years that inadequate capacity in developing countries and countries with economies in transition puts them at a continued disadvantage and prevents them from reaping the environmental, social and economic benefits offered by full compliance with MEAs.

CMS has a strong framework for sustainable capacity building based on the CMS Strategic Plan 2006-2011 and the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building.  With respect to its implementation, it promotes a bottom-up approach in identifying specific objectives, strategies and activities that will be used to reflect the needs of countries and regions.

This bottom-up approach not only considers the views and priorities expressed by governments, but also those of relevant organizations and stakeholders. The approach also takes into account the importance of national ownership of capacity building and technology support initiatives, whilst building on the existing capacities.

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