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Titlesort descending Status Status date CMS Party number Region
Germany Party 1993 016 Europe
Greece Range State 062 Europe
Hungary Party 1994 001 Europe
Iran Range State 106 Asia
Iraq Range State 124 Asia
Ireland Party 1995 001 Europe
Israel Party 2015 001 Europe
Italy Party 2005 001 Europe
Jordan Range State 072 Asia
Kazakhstan Range State 097 Asia
Kuwait Range State Asia
Latvia Party 2003 060 Europe
Lebanon Range State 128 Asia
Libya Range State 080 Africa
Liechtenstein Range State 052 Europe
Lithuania Party 2001 079 Europe
Luxembourg Party 1993 001 Europe
Malta Party 2001 074 Europe
Monaco Party 1999 040 Europe
Montenegro Party 2011 111 Europe


Instrument nameAgreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats
TypeArticle IV(3)
DepositaryGovernment of the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office Old Admiralty Building, Room OAB 1/79 The Head of the Treaties Record Unit, Mr. Neil Hagon King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AH, ENGLAND Tel: +(44) 20 7270 4046 / Fax: +(44) 20 7270 4076
SignatureOpen for signature at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, on 4 December 1991 and thereafter until 16 January 1994
Website URL
OtherAn Advisory Committee comprising one member appointed by each Party; each Party to designate one or more competent authorities responsible for implementation. There is a Standing Committee with eight elected members.

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