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First Range State Meeting of the Joint CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative (ACI1)



The 1st Range State Meeting of the Joint CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative (ACI) brings together Range States and invited experts to define the way forward for the Initiative, in line with the mandate provided by Decisions 12.55-60. Decisions 12.55-60 were adopted by the 12th Conference of the Parties to CMS in 2017 in Manila (COP12) at the same time as the historic listing of the Lion and Leopard under Appendix II of CMS, and urge Range States to work through the ACI to implement CMS and CITES Resolutions and Decisions relating to the targeted species, as a way to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the actions being undertaken.

The first Range State meeting aims to map a way forward for implementing these Decisions with respect to each target species of the ACI, and to identify the next steps for fulfillment of the relevant Resolutions and Decisions.

The meeting will engender discussions on whether and how to integrate all Decisions into one document, to form the basis of giving more cohesion and autonomy to the Initiative.

The meeting outcomes may also feed into both CMS COP13, and CITES COP18, with the drafting of a Resolution to be adopted at both COPs to consolidate all the Decision and Resolutions that currently make up the ACI.

A Lion Conservation Framework is in the process of being drafted, and will be shared with Range States before the meeting. There will also be documents relating to the Leopard, as well as for Cheetah and African Wild Dog (considered jointly).

The joint CITES-CMS meeting will follow up on the Joint CMS-CITES African Lion Range State Meeting held in Entebbe, Uganda in 2016.

This meeting has been kindly funded by the Federal Governments of Germany and Belgium as well as by the Flemish Government. The Swiss Government has supported the development of the Lion Conservation Framework.

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05 Nov 2018 09:00 to 08 Nov 2018 18:00
OrganizerCMS and CITES Secretariats
CMS InstrumentAfrican Carnivores Initiative, CMS, Lions
VenueUN Campus

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ACI1_GCLA_International cooperation (GCLA Chapter 10.1)
ACI1_GCLA_How to continue with the GCLA
ACI1_consequences of CMS leopard listing
ACI1_Cheetah and AWD strategies
ACI1_Implementation of CMS Decisions on Cheetah and AWD
ACI1_Roadmap for the conservation of the leopard in Africa
ACI1_Implementation of CITES Decisions on lion
ACI1_Leopard Non Detriment Findings
ACI1_Implementation of CITES Decisions on leopard
ACI1_Future of ACI_Plenary
ACI1_GCLA_Introduction to the GCLA
ACI1_Future of ACI_WG
ACI1_GCLA_Lion Conservation Status (GCLA Chapter 2)
ACI1_GCLA_Existing Strategies and Action plans (GCLA Chapter 3 and 4)
ACI1_GCLA_Survey & monitoring (GCLA Chapter 5)
ACI1_GCLA_Common threats and challenges (GCLA Chapter 6.3)
ACI1_GCLA_Capacity development (GCLA Chapter 7)
ACI1_GCLA_Establishing National Coordinators (GCLA Chapter 7.3)
ACI1_GCLA_Public awareness (GCLA Chapter 8)
ACI1_GCLA_African Lion Database (GCLA Chapter 9)
ACI1_GCLA_Lion Web Portal (GCLA Chapter 9.2)
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Number Title Files
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.1 CMS Decisions 12.55 - 12.60 on the Joint CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.2 CMS Decisions 12.67 - 12.70 on the Conservation and Management of the African Lion
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.3 CITES Decisions 17.241 - 17.245 on African Lion
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.4 CMS Decisions 12.61 - 12.66 on the Conservation and Management of Cheetah and African Wild Dog
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.5 CITES Decisions 17.124 - 17.130 on Illegal Trade in Cheetahs
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.6 CITES Decisions 17.235 - 17.238 on African Wild Dog
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.7 CITES Decisions 17.114 - 17.117 on Quotas for Leopard Hunting Trophies
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.8 CITES Resolution COnf.10.14 (Rev.COP16) on Quotas for Leopard Hunting Trophies and Skins for Personal Use
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.9 CMS Resolution 12.28 on Concerted Actions
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.10 Roadmap for the Conservation of the Leopard in Africa
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.11 Guidelines for the Conservation of Lions in Africa
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.12 The Cheetah of the Algerian Sahara
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.13 Workshop Report. International expert workshop on NDFs for hunting trophies of certain African species
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.14 The CMS-CITES African Carnivores Initiative: Longer-Term Vision
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.15 Implementation of Cites Decisions 17.241 to 17.245 on African Lion (Panthera Leo)
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.16 Implementation of CITES Decisions 17.114 to 17.117 on Quotas for Leopard Hunting Trophies
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.17 Report of the Secretariat and of the Animals Committee SC70 Doc. 54.1
CMS-CITES/ACI1/Inf.18 Report of the working group SC70 Doc. 54.2