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Second Meeting of African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Working Group

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The Second Meeting of African-Eurasian Migratory Landbirds Working Group will take place in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) the 25-27 November 2015. This Working Group was established by Resolution 10.27 with the mandate of developing an Action Plan for African-Eurasian Landbird Migrants and their habitats throughout the flyway. The Action Plan was completed during a workshop held in Ghana in September 2012, back to back with the first meeting of the Working Group, and subsequently adopted at COP11 in Quito (Ecuador) in November 2014. Together with AEWA and the Raptors Memorandum of Understanding, the Landbirds Action Plan constitutes the trilogy of CMS avian instruments covering the African-Eurasian flyway.

The second meeting of the Working Group will discuss a long term Programme of Work for its future activities and will focus on the implementation of the Action Plan in West Africa, with a special emphasis on the problem of land use change and how this is affecting migratory landbirds and their habitars in the region. 

Photos © Jaroslaw Krogulec

25 Nov 2015 to 27 Nov 2015
OrganizerUNEP/CMS Secretariat
CMS InstrumentCMS
TypeWorking group
CountryCôte d'Ivoire
VenueUNEP Sub Regional Office for West Africa (ROA), Rue Harris Memel Foteh 01, II Plateaux-Vallon, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

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Number Title Files
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.1 Provisional Agenda AEMLWG-2
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.1b Provisional Annotated Agenda and Meeting Schedule
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.2 Terms of Reference for Coordinator AEMLWG 2015-2017
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.3 Modus operandi AEML Working Group
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5 Reporting template
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5b Report on the Development of the East Asian Bird Monitoring Scheme
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5c Report on the Proposed Conservation Action to the Yellow-Breasted Bunting
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5d Activity Information
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5e Report on the Progress to Implement the AEML Action Plan
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5f Activity Information Nigeria
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.5g Activity Information Spain
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.7 Land Use Change and Migratory Landbirds in West Africa
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.7b Policy options for addressing land use relevant to migratory landbirds in West Africa
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.7c Proposals for Land Use Workshop 2016
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.10 Communication from Franz Bairlein
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.14 Report on the Migrant Landbird Study Group
UNEP/CMS/AEMLWG-2/Doc.16 Financial Estimate for AEMLAP 2016 - 2020