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North America

Climate change is playing havoc with Mexico's monarch butterfly migration

No one knows when millions of monarch butterflies began crisscrossing North America, spending their winters clustered on the same hillsides in Central Mexico, a blaze of orange wings in the green f

05 January 2020

Canada's grizzly bears move into Arctic north

There are more and more sightings of grizzly bears in Canada's High Arctic, and scientists see climate change as a likely reason.

16 December 2019

A (sorta) good news story about a songbird and climate change

University of Manitoba researchers made a recent discovery that suggests Purple Martins, unlike other long-distance migratory songbirds, show promise of being able to adapt to climate change.

13 December 2019

Loons likely to disappear from Minnesota due to climate change, new report warns

Minnesota could lose its beloved state bird in coming decades if humans don't stall climate change and prevent the common loon from shifting north.

14 October 2019

Climate Change Is Shaping Up As an Utter Disaster for Much of America's Bird Life

Sanderlings, red-headed woodpeckers and great gray owls are just a few of the North American bird species projected to be threatened by climate change in the coming decades, according to the latest

10 October 2019

Canada's Arctic, boreal birds will be big climate change losers

Habitat conservation key as native species struggle and “climate refugee” species move north.

10 October 2019

Two-thirds of bird species in North America could vanish in climate crisis

Continent could lose 389 of 604 species studied to threats from rising temperatures, higher seas, heavy rains and urbanization.

10 October 2019

Disappearing birds: the ecological disaster society is ignoring

A report in the academic journal “Science” of the disappearance of three billion wild birds over 50 years in Canada and the United States ruffled the media for

02 October 2019

Connecting fractured habitats has long-lasting ecological benefits, study finds

A decades-long ecological experiment in South Carolina has shown the power of a straightforward way to improve wildlife habitats: connect them.

26 September 2019