31st Standing Committee Meeting

The location on the map is approximate!
28 Sep 2006 to 29 Sep 2006
OrganizadorCMS Secretariat, Bonn, Germany
Instrumento de la CMSCMS

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UNEP/CMS/StC31/1 Rev.1 Provisional Agenda
UNEP/CMS/StC31/2 Rev.1 Meeting Schedule
UNEP/CMS/StC31/3 List of Documents
UNEP/CMS/StC31/4 Secretariat Manpower and Organisation
UNEP/CMS/StC31/5 Status of CMS Trust Fund (incl. Annexes I, II and III)
UNEP/CMS/StC31/6 Fundraising Activities
UNEP/CMS/StC31/6/Add. 1 Species Years and the 2007 Campaign
UNEP/CMS/StC31/7 Follow-up in COP8 Decisions: Additional Scientific Councillors (Res. 8.21)
UNEP/CMS/StC31/7/Add.1 Nominations for COP-appointed Councillors for (i) African Fauna, (ii) Fish and (iii) By-catch
UNEP/CMS/StC31/8/Rev1 Follow-up in COP8 Decisions: National Reports (Res. 8.24)
UNEP/CMS/StC31/9 Follow-up in COP8 Decisions: Scientific Task Force on Avian Influenza (Res. 8.27)
UNEP/CMS/StC31/10 2010 Biodiversity Targets
UNEP/CMS/StC31/11 Cooperation with other Conventions
UNEP/CMS/StC31/12 Work Plan and Priorities for 2007-8 and Beyond
UNEP/CMS/StC31/12 Rev.1 Work Plan and Priorities for 2007-8 and Beyond
UNEP/CMS/StC31/13 Priorities for UNEP/CMS 2006-2008
UNEP/CMS/StC31/14 Development of the WSSD Type II Partnership for the Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds and the Sustainable Use of their Habitats in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway
UNEP/CMS/StC31/15 Results of COP8 Questionnaire