Strengthening of compliance with specific obligations contained in the Convention has been identified as a critical issue for the effective conservation and management of migratory species. With the aim to facilitate the implementation of the Convention and promote its effectiveness, the Twelfth meeting of the Conference of the Parties, in 2017, adopted Resolution 12.09 in order to establish a Review Mechanism and a National Legislation Programme.

The Review Mechanism and the National Legislation Programme are supportive, non-adversarial and facilitative processes focused on providing support to those Parties that are experiencing difficulties with the implementation of the Convention. Pursuant to Article VII of the Convention, the two processes facilitate Parties’ attempts to identify gaps in their legislation and domestic matters that need to be addressed with corrective measures to ensuring both long-term compliance with Articles of the Convention and the adequate protection of migratory species.


Review Mechanism

In accordance with Resolution 12.9, the Review Mechanism has been established to facilitate compliance with the obligations set out in Articles III.4, III.5, III.7 and VI.2 of the Convention.

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National Legislation Programme

In accordance with Resolution 12.9, the National Legislation Programme has been established to support the implementation of the Convention through national legislation and support Parties, if needed, in developing or improving relevant national legislation.

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