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Future Shape of CMS

An Intersessional Working Group has been established by the COP to consider the Future Shape of CMS. The Group is chaired by Switzerland. Australia is Vice-Chair.

Parties, non-Parties and organizations wishing to know more about the work of the group should contact the appropriate regional members.

The membership was elected at COP9 in Rome.

Future Shape Process - First Step

Draft of October 2009

Review of the current organisation and activities of CMS and the CMS family - First step of the Inter-Sessional Future Shape Process (November 2009) | Rapport sur l’organisation et activités actuelles de la CMS et de la famille de la CMS - Première étape du processus Intersesional de la Forme future de la CMS (Novembre 2009) | Examen de la organización y las actividades actuales de la CMS y de la Familia CMS - Primer paso del Proceso Intersesional de la Estructura Futura de la CMS (Noviembre 2010)

Revised Version of Table 1 of above document | français | Español

Final Report of First Step (2010) | Informe Final del Primer Paso (2010)

Future Shape Process - Second Step

Options Report: Second Step of the Inter-Sessional Future Shape Process (cover), CMS/StC37/7 | Rapport d'options deuxième étape de processus intersessions de la structure future (couverture), CMS/StC37/7 | Informe de Opciones (introduccion), CMS/StC37/7

Options ReportRapport sur les Options | Informe de Opciones

Annexes to Options Report (English only)

Questionnaires | QuestionnairesCuestionarios

Final Report of Second Step (April 2011) | français | Español

Future Shape Process - Third Step

Final Report of Third Step (September 2011) | français | Español

Region País
Africa Kenya
Africa Morocco
Africa South Africa
Asia India
Asia Yemen
South & Central America & The Caribbean Cuba
South & Central America & The Caribbean Peru
Europe France
Europe Switzerland
Europe United Kingdom
North America
Oceania Australia
País Rolesort descending
Saudi Arabia Chair of Standing Committee
Ghana Vice-Chair of Standing Committee
Last updated on 30 May 2019