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West Africa

Shedding new light on West Africa's birds and butterflies

How do you identify a soaring scavenger from its flight silhouette, or pinpoint which species of swallowtail has just fluttered by on gossamer wings?

08 Octubre 2019

‘We have cut them all’: Ghana struggles to protect its last old-growth forests

The West African country of Ghana is known for having rich natural resources including vast tracts of rainforest.

28 August 2019

Illegal fishing by foreign trawlers costs Ghana $50m a year, researchers say

Destructive industrial fishing practices condemned as ‘corporate, organised crime’

17 June 2019

African elephant poaching rates correlate with local poverty, national corruption and global ivory price

Poaching is contributing to rapid declines in elephant populations across Africa.

12 June 2019

What is magic without ape parts? Inside the illicit trade devastating Nigeria’s apes

Demand for ape body parts for spiritual purpose drives a complex and lucrative trade

29 May 2019

Au Cameroun, Ebodjé, l’écovillage qui protège ses tortues marines

Alors qu’un rapport alarmant sur la biodiversité est dévoilé ce lundi, la protection des espèces marines a dopé l’écotourisme dans cette localité au bord de l’océan Atlantique.

06 May 2019