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India’s yak herders face the end of ancient tradition in warming Himalayas

The Brokpa community of yak herders in India’s northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh say they may be seeing the end of their traditions as climate and social changes make the long months of herdi

17 January 2020

What is needed to keep Sri Lanka’s leopards roaming free? (Commentary)

The recent killing of a leopard at a national park in Sri Lanka, apparently for its claws and teeth, has sparked a fresh debate on the protection available to these majestic animals and whether con

17 January 2020

Poison and explosives used to kill elephants as record numbers die in Sri Lanka

Nearly 400 targeted last year in revenge for ‘crop-raiding’ after habitats taken over

13 January 2020

Chinese paddlefish: One of the world’s largest fish declared extinct

Species failed to survive overfishing, habitat fragmentation and loss of biodiversity, scientists believe

11 January 2020

The Chinese paddlefish, one of world's largest fish, has gone extinct

Native to China’s Yangtze River, these fish grew 23 feet in length, but haven’t been spotted since 2003.

08 January 2020

Where Eagle Feathers Fall Like Snow

On a Saturday in November, a small group of boys in matching royal blue shirts, the uniform of the Scouts of Lebanon, gathered beside their “hide-out”: a small pine forest on the edge of town.

06 January 2020

CMS COP13 in 2020 Will Kick Off Big Year for Biodiversity

The "super year" for biodiversity will kick off with the Thirteenth Meeting of the Conference of Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP13).

06 January 2020

La connectivité écologique au centre des débats de la grande réunion des Nations Unies sur la faune migratrice en Inde

« Les espèces migratrices connectent la planète et ensemble nous les accueillons chez elles » sera le thème d'une grande conférence des Nations Unies sur la faune sauvage consacrée aux espèces migratrices en Inde, du 15 au 22 février 2020.

05 January 2020

Rediscovered’ after 100 years, Gurney’s pitta is in peril once again

Gurney’s pitta may be running out of time.  The tiny, vibrantly colored bird, first described from the Tanintharyi region of Myanmar in 1875, was thought to have gone extinct when it wasn’t recorde

02 January 2020

China prohíbe la pesca en el Yangtsé, el tercer río más largo del mundo

A partir de Año Nuevo, la prohibición afecta a 332 áreas protegidas de la cuenca del río, pero en este año deberá ser extendida también a todos los canales naturales, afluentes y grandes lagos, seg

02 January 2020