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Young sea eagle takes up residence among Oxfordshire's red kites

Bird is one of six released on Isle of Wight as first residents in England for 250 years

17 January 2020

New maps reveal Scotland's seabird breeding hotspots

Maps identifying the breeding hotspots of some of the most threatened seabirds have been published for the first time.


17 January 2020

First killer whale in nearly two decades washes up on English coast with stomach full of plastic

'This was a markedly unusual stranding event,’ experts say

15 January 2020

HS2 will destroy or damage hundreds of UK wildlife sites, says report

Survey reveals internationally protected natural habitats are among the areas at risk

15 January 2020

Un nouvel office public pour protéger une biodiversité en déclin

Le 1er janvier, l’Office national de la chasse et de la faune sauvage et l’Agence française pour la biodiversité ont fusionné, pour devenir l’Office français de la biodiversité.

15 January 2020

Les dauphins, victimes collatérales de la pêche dans le golfe de Gascogne

En exposant mardi des dauphins morts en plein cœur de la capitale, l’ONG Sea Shepherd dénonce l’hécatombe en cours au large des côtes françaises.

15 January 2020

Country Diary: how many Bewick's swans will fly in this January?

The international swan census takes place this weekend, but so far I’ve only counted three wintering birds

06 January 2020

Chasseurs et écologistes s’affrontent sur les nouveaux quotas de chasse

Alors que la France est le pays d’Europe qui autorise la chasse du plus grand nombre d’espèces, le nouvel établissement public qui doit mettre en place la « gestion adaptative » cynégétique est en

04 January 2020

Dead whale spotted on container ship arriving in Portsmouth

ORCA charity says vessels pose rising threat to marine mammals around UK

03 January 2020

Call for drone users and jetskiers to keep away from marine wildlife

UK Wildlife Trusts report says 2019 saw sea change in public attitudes to marine conservation

02 January 2020