Successful long-term conservation of migratory birds of prey can only be achieved if all countries along their flyways work together to do so. Please join the ever-increasing coalition of countries committed to conserving migratory raptors for future generations by signing the CMS Raptors MOU.


Decide to become a Signatory after reviewing the Raptors MOU Text

The governmental institution that would be responsible for the conservation of the species, and therefore for the implementation of the MOU, first needs to decide to become a Signatory. This would usually be for example either the Ministry of Environment or the Ministry of Agriculture. National procedural rules may require consultation of other governmental authorities or even an authorization of the respective Minister. Please consider the document Benefits and Responsibilities, which provides advice and guidance to new Signatories to the Raptors MOU.

Sign the MOU

The competent official of the responsible governmental institution signs the MOU in the presence of a CMS official at a mutually agreed time and place. Most often the responsible official is the Minister of the respective ministry competent for the species. In case the Minister is not able to sign in person, his or her designee may sign on their behalf. But unless this person is the deputy Minister, they would need a written authorization (a signed Instrument of Full Powers, download below) from the competent Minister to sign the MOU in his or her place. In addition, according to the Vienna Convention on the Law of the Treaties, the Ambassador of a country has the power to sign MOUs. The original version of the MOU is signed and kept by the CMS Secretariat, which acts as the MOU Depository.
Please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinating Unit for further information: [email protected].