Staff of the UNEP/CMS Secretariat in Bonn and outposted offices

Executive Secretary's Office
Acting Executive Secretary Ms Amy Fraenkel
Deputy Executive Secretary  
Personal Assistant Ms Barbara Schönberg
Secretary (part-time)  
Implementation Support Team
Scientific Adviser Mr Marco Barbieri
Head, Avian Species Team  
Head, Aquatic Species Team Ms Melanie Virtue
Head, Terrestrial Species Team Ms Clara Nobbe
Associate Programme Officer, Aquatic Species Ms Jenny Renell
Associate Programme Officer, Terrestrial Species Ms Kanako Hasegawa
Associate Programme Officer, Central Asian Mammals Initiative (part-time) Ms Christiane Röttger
Programme Management Officer, Terrestrial Species (Project post) Ms Andrea Dekrout
Associate Programme Officer, Aquatic Species (funded by Sharks MOU) Ms Andrea Pauly
Associate Programme Officer, Avian Species Mr Tilman Schneider
Consultant, Avian Species (Illegal Killing Task Force) Ms Laura Aguado
Consultant, Aquatic Species (Sharks MOU and IOSEA Marine Turtle MOU) Ms Polina Orlinksiy
Consultant, Scientific Advisory Unit Ms Vittoria Semplici
Joint CMS + AEWA Communications, Information Management and Outreach Team*
Coordinator / Information Officer (AEWA Staff Member) Mr Florian Keil
Associate Information Officer (Website & Knowledge Management)  
Senior Public Information Assistant Ms Veronika Lenarz
Communication Assistant  
Information Assistant (AEWA Staff Member) Ms Dunia Sforzin
Consultant Editor Mr Robert Vagg
Consultant (Website) Mr Aydin Bahramlouian
Capacity-Building & Partnerships
Programme Management Officer Ms María José Ortiz
Associate Programme Officer, Fundraising & Partnerships Ms Laura Cerasi
Secretary (part-time) Ms Melanie Jakuttek
Conference and Support Services Team
Secretary (part-time) Ms Catherine Brückner
Secretary Ms Ximena Cancino
Programme Assistant Ms Tine Lindberg-Roncari
Consultant, Team Support (COP13) Ms Shenay Huseynova
Consultant, Team Support (COP13) Ms Sarah Mckain
Registry Clerk/Secretary  
Administration & Finance Services Team
Administration & Fund Management Officer Ms Enkhtuya Sereenen
Finance Assistant Mr Hillary Sang
Finance Assistant Mr Mayar Manssour
Administrative Assistant Mr Henning Lilge
Administrative Assistant Ms Jeanybeth Mina
Indian Ocean Marine Turtle Memorandum of Understanding
Acting Coordinator Ms Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma
Staff in Outstations
Abu Dhabi Office
Executive Coordinator Mr Lyle Glowka
Administrative & Finance Assistant Ms Rima Al Mubarak
Programme Officer (Dugongs) Ms Donna Kwan
Programme Officer (Raptors) Mr Nick Williams
Associate Programme Officer  
Consultant (Dugong MOU) Ms Samantha Matthews
Consultant (Communications) Ms Anne Thieme
c/o Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, Al Mamoura Building A, Al Muroor Road (Street No. 4), P.O. Box 45553, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
* The Joint CMS + AEWA Communications, Information Management and Outreach Team consists of staff members from both the CMS and AEWA Secretariats. The joint team was set up in January 2014 as a pilot to demonstrate the benefits of shared services between the CMS and AEWA Secretariats.